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A brief history of Mean Well, switching power supply manufacturer.

Mean Well was established in 1982, and started making power supplies for the Apple II computer. Beginning in mid-80s, Mean Well entered the standard switching power supply market. The G-2, or commercial series of Mean Well switching power supplies, the “S” series, are still the best sellers, with many millions of power supplies in use today throughout the world.

In the 90s, Mean Well started producing the DC/DC line of converters. In the late 90s, Mean Well introduced the PFC models of switching power supply, as well as the DIN series of power supplies.

Within the last few years, Mean Well has introduced the G3, or industrial line of switching power supplies, with a smaller footprint and generally higher operating temperatures than other switching power supplies.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2007, Mean Well continues to introduce new models of switching power supplies and DC/DC converters. Mean Well power supplies may be found in virtually every country in the world.

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